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        Contact:?Ms. Chen Gaohua
        JC Bonding Metallic Powder Coatings
        Normal metallic powder problem
        • ? Normal metallic powder manufacuring process





        ???? Cause problems:

        • ? Substrate and metal powder have different charged
        • ? Substrate and metal powder have different specific gravities
        What is Bonding Metallic Powder Coatings?
        Bound together the primer and the metal pigments

        • ? Adding special additives to achieve uniformity charge of different pigments
        • ? Apply Particle Size Management to control the powder property
        Benefits of Bonding Metallic Powder Coatings
        • ? Recycled powder has same color and gloss with new powder
        • ? Good rate of Powder paint on
        • ? High productivity
        • ? Good product consistency
        • ? Good products quality
        • ? Total cost of powder paint reduce 25%min.

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