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        Contact:?Ms. Chen Gaohua
        Pure Polyester Clear Top Powder Coatings-JC400
        General:?????? ????
        Pure Polyester?Clear Top?Powder Coatings-JC400 series(Clear Top Coat) products
        mainly composed by TGIC as hardneners, used in outdoor applications which includes
        Air Conditioner's Outdoor Equipment, Garden Tools, Outdoor Lightings, Outside Wall,
        Door/Window's Frame, Ceiling, Guardrail, Sports Equipments, Leisure Furantures etc. It has
        a good performance of weather resistance.

        JC400 series is?a clear top?powder coating.
        Powder Properties:
        Chemical Type: Polyester
        Particle Size: 28-32μm suitable for electrostatic painting
        Specific Gravity: 1.18 g/cm3 (depending on pigmentation)
        Storage Condition: Keep in cool & dry place
        Validity: 6 months (25℃)
        Products Code: JC400 Series
        Curing Condition: 200℃ 10min. / 190℃ 15min.
        Testing Conditions:
        Checked under laboratory conditions. Actual product performance may vary due to
        product specific properties such as gloss, color, effect and finish as well as application
        related and environmental influences.
        Substrate: 1mm Aluminum sheet
        Pretreatment: Chromating
        Film Thickness: 50-70μm (Double paint thickness: 100-120μm)
        Curing Condition: 200℃ 10min. / ?190℃ 15min.



        Test Method

        Test Result




        3mm max.

        Cross Cut Test


        (1mm width)

        0 class

        Cupping Test


        7mm Good

        Pencil Hardness

        ASTM D3363

        >= 1H

        Impact Test??????

        ASTM D2794

        >= 50 cm·kg


        Salt Spray Test

        ASTM B117


        2mm max.

        Determination of resistance to Humidity



        No blistering or

        light loss

        Soaked in distilled

        water Test



        No blistering or

        light loss


        (tested by normal acid, alkali, oil, solvents under room tempeture.)


        Outdoor Duration

        12 months Florida exposure

        A slight loss of light, but no powder phenomenon, remains superior protection.

        Note of Pretreatment: All the steel substrate should be degreased, the ferrous
        metals should be zinc or iron phosphating, aluminum recommended
        chromating, to improve corrosion resistance.
        Coating Method: ??
        JC400 series (Clear Top Coat) powder can be coated by manual or auto
        electrostatic spray guns. (or a tribostatic process as for option). it can be cycle
        used with a proper recycle system.

        Copyright:HUZHOU JIACHENG POWDER COATINGS CO.,LTD. ?Support:Panshi 
        Tel:86-572-3157662 Contact:Ms. Chen Gaohua 
        Address:No.399 Liji West Road, Zhili Industrial Park, Huzhou, Zhejiang 313008, China.