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        Contact:?Ms. Chen Gaohua
        Company Culture

        Jiacheng Spirit - "Honesty, Faith & Excellence"

        Honesty: Be honest and faithful, means faithful to the original appearance of things, don't t hide our

        true thoughts, don't hide our true emotions, Don't lie, don't cheat and never cheat others for your

        ulterior motives.

        Faith: Stresses trust and credibility, keep our promise forever. Faithful to our obligations and do

        everything we promise to others.

        Excellence: Pursue outstanding achievements.

        Every day Jiacheng staff is working and enjoying life with above spirit of enterprise, unite and

        mutual trust, mutual help, mutual learning, and enhance the cohesion of the team constantly;

        walk step by step of our life. Telling the truth, do practical things, keep our promise. Work hard

        and advance with the times, sustained, continuous improvement, creating excellent. Improve

        ourselves abilities to the society and build the company as the vanguard of the powder coatings

        industry, satisfy customers' requirements in various fields, provide comprehensive service for the


        Copyright:HUZHOU JIACHENG POWDER COATINGS CO.,LTD. ?Support:Panshi 
        Tel:86-572-3157662 Contact:Ms. Chen Gaohua 
        Address:No.399 Liji West Road, Zhili Industrial Park, Huzhou, Zhejiang 313008, China.